Working with Teams and Groups


  • How will a greater understanding between team members improve productivity?
  • Can you imagine the benefits when your managers actively develop their teams?
  • What are the advantages of teams creating a shared strategy and action plan?
  • How can professional input improve the outcome of your meeting or conference?

Team Development and Coaching

I help teams to have conversations about how they can work together well and focus on their priorities.  You might be a new team that wants to get to know each other better, a team in trouble that needs to develop more effective working relationships, or a long standing team that wants to refresh it’s outlook.

A variety of models and psychometric tools can be used to support team development including Myers Briggs Type Indicator and Firo-B

Training Managers to Coach Their Teams

If you’ve ever worked with a manager who had a coaching style, you’ll know how powerful that can be in helping you to do a really great job.  I’m a firm believer that when managers coach their teams it brings about the best results.  To support this I run training programmes where managers develop coaching approaches in the way they work with colleagues and ultimately foster a coaching culture in the workplace.

Strategic and Operational Planning

Developing your business strategy and plans with your teams helps to create a shared commitment to your goals.  I can work with you to facilitate processes to do this in an engaging and meaningful way.

Workshop / Meeting / Conference Facilitation

It takes time and expertise to create productive meetings, workshops and conferences.  If you need to bring people together to learn, explore possibilities and make decisions, I can help you to design and facilitate your event so that it has the impact you’re hoping for.