Working with Organisations


  • How can you help your employees ‘buy in’ to the changes you need to make?
  • Where can you improve performance management to truly empower your employees?
  • What skills does your leadership team need to develop?
  • How will a coherent training programme allow you to support talented employees?

Organisational Change Programmes

Organisations are continually changing; growing, refocussing, streamlining.  I work alongside clients to design and deliver sustainable, positive change across the business.  This can involve working with smaller departmental teams, engaging with large groups or even the whole organisation to make change happen.

Performance Management Processes

Managing people well is essential in developing effective, engaged and enthusiastic employees.  I work with organisations to design and embed robust performance management processes that  help to empower employees to deliver great results.

Leadership and Management Development

Effective leadership is vital to the success of any business. We’ll work together to identify the most important areas for investment then design bespoke learning programmes to equip leaders with the skills, tools and confidence they need to succeed.

Staff Development Programmes

Staff development programmes are designed to provide employees with the skills they need to do their jobs well and develop their careers. Bespoke training programmes can be created for all levels of staff, regardless of sector to meet the needs of your business.